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  • 20130128
    “The Longer you hesistate, the harder it will be to act. Don't think. Just do.

    “..Hers is a common strategy for the fearful. Many people never move into action. They stare at the phone, but they don't dial it. They write the e-mail, but they don't send it. They want something. They put all the pieces in place. Then they just can't seem to take the next step and jump. They think of all the reasons why they shouldn't do it instead of all the reasons they should. They think of all the reasons someone will reject them and say no rather than all of the reasons someone might say yes. They...

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  • 20120523
    From Readers Digest article on anger:

    Some imaginative expert solutions:

    1) Pretend you're someone you admire.
    Lots of people who get angry a lot do so because they lack self-esteem and feel frustrated.(Annie Hinchliff) If you're starting to get cross, ask yourself, what say Nelson Mandela or the Queen would do in your situation. It can maybe give you the confidence and authority to deal with situations calmly and coolly.
    2) Visualise your emotions.
    If a colleague sucks up to the boss and you find yourself...

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  • 20120429
    From 'Teach yourself confidence and social skills'

    With Warmth:
    Not being an energy sink by being constantly self-pitying, pessimistic,gloomy, apathetic, critical, defeatist, overly introverted. But instead developing qualities of:
    *Supportive Friendship

    Acceptance means you want other people to accept you for yourself, and in the same way you have to accept other people as they are.

    Supportive Friendship- just a small personal example posted in book.

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  • 20120411
    Regarding an upbringing of people pleasing.

    The first is a childhood where the parents love the child simply because the child exists. Their love is unconditional and totally accepting. They do not criticize or chastise or discipline the child but instead they listen to the child, they encourage and praise, not indiscriminately but in ways which help the child to become aware that every action has consequences, and that consequences must be taken into account in making decisions. Provided that no chance disaster strikes the family bringing hardship and loss, the...

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  • 20120403

    Life has no limitations, except the ones you make- Les Brown

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  • 20120402
    From Instant Confidence by Paul Mckenna

    'To a golfer he asked him to imagine he was playing really well and experiencing
    all the feelings, sounds and colours etc.

    And then to imagine himself playing as Tiger Woods plays.'

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  • 20120329
    Excerpt from a self help book that is quite outrageously called f**k it. Which is a slightly insulting book in it's glee for it's philosophy, however, I did like a couple of excerpts from it:
    Here's one how beliefs can perhaps cause you unnecessary suffering:

    If you believe it's wrong to be gay, then gay people will make you tense and judgemental.

    If you believe its wrong to have sex before marriage, then every moment of lust and desire will drive you mad.

    If you believe that the meek shall inherit the earth, them it makes you angry to...

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  • 20120223
    From the Yes Man

    It's time you stopped making excuses, and saying no to everyone. Because you're not just saying no to your friends- you're saying no to yourself"

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  • 20120207
    Excerpt from 10 days to great self-esteem by David Burns:
    On the idea of self-defeating beliefs:

    Common Self-defeating Beliefs:

    1. Emotional perfectionism: "I should always feel happy, confident and in control of my emotions"

    2. Performance perfectionisim: "I must never fail or make a mistake."

    3. Perceived perfectionism: "People will not love and accept me as a flawed and vulnerable human being"

    4. Fear of disapproval or criticism:...

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  • 20120129
    Excerpt from 'Teach yourself Confidence and Social skills'

    Quite often, when faced with a challenge, we subconsciously sabotage our own chances of success. But why would your subconsious do that to you? It could be because:

    *You just don't feel ready to take on the responsibility that goes with success.
    *You identify yourself as a loser and, in a perverse sort of way, don't want to take on the identity of a winner.
    *If you don't try too hard you always have an excuse for failure.

    In that case, you need to start looking at things...

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