Guy and his daily affirmations inspiration

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Guy and his daily affirmations inspiration

Post  Mark on Tue Sep 18, 2012 4:56 pm

Which he does in format:

Self Esteem
I am Unique
I am Smart
I am Organized When I Have To Be
I have good use of the internet
I keep trying and trying
I am Helpful to Nice People
I am Indian (Desi)
I am Determined
I am A Hard Worker

I am Thankful for Life
I am Thankful for Parents and A Sister
I am Thankful for A House
I am Thankful for Food
I am Thankful for Loving Pizza So Much
I am Thankful for being a semi-vegan
I am Thankful for My Body Shape
I am Thankful For Hair
I am Thankful For A Full Body
I am Thankful For At-least 1 Friend


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