On Overthinking

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On Overthinking

“The Longer you hesistate, the harder it will be to act. Don't think. Just do.

“..Hers is a common strategy for the fearful. Many people never move into action. They stare at the phone, but they don't dial it. They write the e-mail, but they don't send it. They want something. They put all the pieces in place. Then they just can't seem to take the next step and jump. They think of all the reasons why they shouldn't do it instead of all the reasons they should. They think of all the reasons someone will reject them and say no rather than all of the reasons someone might say yes. They keep saying, “Not yet,” instead of saying “Lets do this now”.
This is a form of procrastination, and it stems from a natural instinct to self-preservce. But there is also such a thing as too much thinking and too much analying. If you are hesitating and waiting for the right moment to strike, you are probably overthinking. If you keep thinking and never doing, you'll never reach your goal. For instance, had I procrastinated (the author of book), I wouldn't have started writing an advce column, appeared on television, or even written this book.

The problem with procrastination is that it actually reinforces the anxiety. Each time you put off doing something, you are able to avoid the temporary anxiety of doing it. That makes you feel better, which reinforces the idea that thinking more and doing less is a good idea. It's not. The longer you think, the less likely it is that you will ever turn those thoughts into action,
In the faces of challenges, real or imagined, the fearless persevere. They know that facing their anxiety is scary and it hurts. But they also know that this pain is temporary. Once they get past it, they will feel more powerful. They live by a phrase I coined and often say to my clients: “Don't think. Just do.”

(Think about it. Do you move easily into action? Or do you tend to psych yourself out by telling yourself all of the reasons you shouldn't move forward? Think of all the reasons you should do something, why you want to do something, and why you will do something. Stop thinking of all of the reasons you shouldn't do it. Think about all of the reasons why you should. Then do it.)

Source: Be Fearless (Jonathon Albert)


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