Emotional Freedom Techniques

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Emotional Freedom Techniques

Post  Mark on Wed Feb 06, 2013 12:02 am

Thanks to Ivor-sa group:

I think the tapping is nuts, but the technique and words are interesting- towards the anxiety:

This is slightly girlish but if you were in the freezing cold with just a girl's blanket there- you'd use that.

'Our bodies talk to us all day long, and if you tune into that..'(like your abdomen,your chest, your throat, your head, your shoulders, your back)
'Tune into your anxiety'
'Tune into your problem'
'Tune into your body- where is it being created?'

'Even though I'm feeling so anxious, I love and accept how I feel about this'
'Even though I have all this anxiety, which I feel in my stomach-which is in knots, I deeply and completely love and accept myself'
'Even though it's sometimes it's hard to love and accept myself when I'm feeling this anxious about various things in my life, I love and accept how I feel about this.
'I'm open to feeling calm, and relaxed as I release and let go'

'This anxiety in my body, this anxiety is intense, I feel all this fear in my body, it feels overwhelming, it feels out of control, it feels I don't have control of my body, it doesn't feel safe here'
'i love and accept myself, and open to releasing these emootions'
'All this fear, all thi anxiety, I feel it in my body'
'I love and accept myself'
'I know how it feels to feel calm'
'I'm releasing the stress in my body'
'Allowing my body to feel calm and relaxed'
'Infusing my body with love, and joy and peace'
'Regardless of the stress in my life right now'
'I'm able to own my power, I have control of my body'
'My stomach is feeling calmer and relaxed'
'As i let go'
'my whole body feels calmer and more relaxed as i let go'
'Take a deep breath'
'Now tune into your body, your head, your chest, your throat, your stomach, your shoulders'

Then repeat as 'remaining anxiety..'


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