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Post  Mark on Tue Jun 11, 2013 11:21 pm

"You can choose not to contact that person because you could be rejected, or you can reach out because you might be accepted"

The concept of social risk.
This is playing a factor for me. With being the most risk-averse, my roles are standard to others. However, I am entirely guarded. Which is where the concept of risk comes in- to express an opinion on something, to buy sonething that is a little bit different to others,
Risk is key.As well as being able to shake it off if they don't return that reach out to them.

For example customer talked about gardening - what do you grow? Fail. With a quick return of sarcasm 'Plants!'.
Another-guy listening on the radio to a match. Mention the local side who was playing Jackpot! A bit too much more than I was anticipating.So was a bit overwhelmed by that. But it was a positive.


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