(If this works for anyone)-Affirmations

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(If this works for anyone)-Affirmations

Post  Mark on Tue Mar 20, 2012 9:03 pm

Affirmations for Anxiety

"I am a loving giving person allowing the power of the universe into my life"

"My mind is at peace at all times"

"I accept of the universe the way it is right now"

"I am healthy, happy and radiant"

"I am at peace with myself and the universe"

"I am relaxed"

"I am attracting soothing and calming energy into my body"

"I am calm and relaxed and all is well in my world"

"My breathing is easy and natural"

"I love and accept myself right now"

"My heart is beating at its correct rhythm"

"I'm free of all fears about the future"

"I'm in complete control of my emotions and actions"

"I feel safe and protected whilst in and outside my home"

"I am able to completely focus on each task in front of me"

"I eagerly look forward to each new day"

"I am becoming calmer and calmer each and every day"

"I feel at peace even though I can't predict the future"

"I feel all doubt and worry evaporating from my body"

"I remain calm and relaxed no matter what the circumstance"


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