"It makes me mad"

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"It makes me mad"

From Readers Digest article on anger:

Some imaginative expert solutions:

1) Pretend you're someone you admire.
Lots of people who get angry a lot do so because they lack self-esteem and feel frustrated.(Annie Hinchliff) If you're starting to get cross, ask yourself, what say Nelson Mandela or the Queen would do in your situation. It can maybe give you the confidence and authority to deal with situations calmly and coolly.
2) Visualise your emotions.
If a colleague sucks up to the boss and you find yourself thinking. 'What a slimy old toad, imagine, or actually draw, a picture showing an amphibian dripping with ooze. That way you get to express the anger privately- with the added bonus that it's hard to stay furious when you're doing something so ridiculous.
3) Don't fool yourself.
When you're caught in the heat of the moment, try to remember that anger causes delusion. For reasons that aren't entirely clear, it encourages your mind to see things in a superficial way and exaggerates the negative qualities of the person you're furious with. That makes potentially damaging behaviour -such as shouting, or even violence-seem more acceptable. So as your anger rises, try to pause and make a real effort to see the reasons why this person is acting in a certain way-it could be from a rough childhood to hunger. Understanding someone is generally the first step to resolving a conflict.
4) Changing your mental vocabulary*
Stop thinking in words like 'never' or 'always'. (Saima Latif) suggests balancing such thoughts with more encouraging phrases such as 'I'll try to handle this well', or 'It might be possible to'
5) Eat less sugar*
Researchers found that those who eat a lot of refined sugar are likely to get irritated when it isn't available. And suggestion of gradually reducing sugar intake by snacking on say fruit.
6) Have a nap
Not only is anger an exhausting emotion but when you're sleep-deprived, you get more irritated more quickly. If you're at work, a practical way of giving your mind a break might be sloping off for a quick walk.


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