On prospective dating

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On prospective dating

Post  Mark on Fri Jun 08, 2012 8:14 pm

From Incel forums:

1 Hang in there. -As I incel being in a relationship can really be scary. This fear has given me the strong urge to cut and run, so I can go back to my comfortable single life. Don’t do anything rash that you’ll regret later. Give the relationship a good chance to form before making any decisions about your future.

2. Don’t let her (him) push you about- Two girls I have seen became very bossy and domineering after a while. I have fallen into the pitfall of putting up with things like this just because I was desperate to maintain the relationship. You shouldn’t have to take ongoing crap just because you are desperate not to be single.

3. it comes you just have to jump at it – Life presents opportunities. If someone expresses interest, follow it up. If you get invited to something, go. Don’t keep waiting for the magical moment that never comes. Show her that you are interested.

4. Be Passionate – I have been way too passive in the past. A few potential leads have come to an end because I was too fearful to make a move. Live ‘dangerously’ and take initiative in the relationship. This rule also covers being proud of yourself, your achievements and your beliefs. Don’t hide yourself from her.

5.Tell her (him) what you want. – Don’t bottle up what you are feeling inside. As with Rule 2, a relationship is a two way thing, so don’t feel bad about asking for something from time to time.


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