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100 Affirmations

Post  Mark on Thu Jan 10, 2013 5:44 pm


I am not afraid of making mistakes
I am willing to take a chance
I am always looking for ways to do something better
I forget the failures of the past and look at each new day through fresh eyes
I invest in my own personal development
I am never afraid to discard a non-producing idea in order to start afresh
I smile even when I don’t feel like smiling
I laugh in the face of disaster
I speak positive words
If I have nothing good to say, I keep my mouth shut
I have the winning habit of reading every day
I listen to instructional recordings on a regular basis
I finish what I start
I delegate
I exercise my body as well as my mind
I have the mind of a student
I recognize and applaud other winners
I look for solutions, not problems
I never criticize
I know how to forgive
I write lots of notes
I give lots of hugs
I make ‘I love you’ a big part of my vocabulary
I am not afraid of saying, I was wrong
I return telephone calls
I’m a good listener
I am a giver
I am a believer in myself as well as others
I give a strong handshake
I save and invest for the future
I step out where others fear to tread
I look other people in the eye during conversations
I walk tall and have good posture
I work hard and smart and play hard and smart
I encourage others to be the best they can be
I look for good in others
I create opportunity
I speak the future into reality
I am confident
I am secure in my personality
I reach beyond my comfort zone
I reward myself for even little achievements
I am a goal setter
I write my goals
I refer to my goals regularly
I am always writing down new goals
I exhort others to pursue their goals
I don’t seek out other people’s applause
I am an initiator
I see a rainbow for every storm
I would rather win a friend than win an argument
I am not status conscious
I am all things to all people
I walk the talk
I keep my word
I am punctual
I am reliable
I am trustworthy
I am happy to help
I am polite and courteous
I take care with the way I dress
I keep my shoes clean
I keep my hair neatly trimmed
I am orderly
I use a diary
I answer the telephone in a professional manner
I think of others first
I say ‘thank you’ and ‘please’ on a consistent basis
I build others up and don’t pull them down
I meet with other winners on a regular basis
I never quit but may from time to time adjust my swing
I am persistent
I am compassionate
I have a passion for life
I share what I have with others
I take time out to talk to a child
I like people
I treat my own body with respect
I show respect to others
I never say, ‘never’
I swim upstream
I am a non-conformist
I get things done
I have conviction
I try
I seize opportunity
I embrace change and make it my friend
I am always taking action
I run towards a challenge
I know that through stretching beyond my ability I will grow
I do what it takes to get a job done
I either follow a system or invent my own
I lead by example
I know that when the dream is big then that’s all that counts
I know that one of life’s greatest teachers is experience
I have a mentor
I have strong values
I am well informed
I am on a mission to make this world a better place for all of us to live in
I know that I am a winner because I always compete against my last performance.


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